IND vs PAK Weather Update: Will it rain in India-Pakistan match today too? Know the latest weather of Colombo

India vs Pakistan Weather Reports: One thing that has remained constant so far in the match between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup is rain. After the India vs Pakistan group stage match was washed out due to rain, it also disrupted the Super Four match on Sunday. Due to which even the first innings play could not be completed. It rained at five o’clock on Sunday evening and the entire day yesterday was washed away by it.

Now this match will be played today on reserve day. Yesterday the umpires tried their best to conduct the match, but it could not start due to the ground being wet. However, when an attempt was made to start it, it rained again and yesterday was washed out. Asian Cricket Council had already announced reserve day for this match and hence now this match will be held today.

According to the playing conditions of the reserve day, today this match will be played in full 50-50 overs. However, will this match be completed even today? Will rain become a villain even today? All these questions are in the minds of fans.

First of all know what are the rules

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Colombo Rain [PC: Google Images]
India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 Colombo Rain [PC: Google Images]

If the India-Pakistan match starts today, then according to the rules, the match will start from the same place from where it was played on Sunday. That means the Indian innings will start from 24.1 overs onwards. India has scored 147 runs after losing two wickets in 24.1 overs. The game will start from here and the full 50 overs match will be played. Then Pakistan will also play full 50 overs.

What is the probability of rain?

PAK vs BAN Weather Report [PC: Google Images]
IND vs PAK Weather Report [PC: Google Images]

The weather forecast for Colombo is not looking so good even on the Reserve Day. It has been raining there since morning and the ground is covered. Although there is a possibility of sunshine. According to the weather report, once again the India-Pakistan match may be canceled due to rain. That means there is every possibility of rain even on the reserve day. According to the report of Accuweather, there is an 80 percent chance of rain in Colombo around 5 pm. The match will start at its regular time of 3 pm. At the same time, according to, the probability of rain in Colombo has never been less than 70 percent since 3 pm today. This means that there is a possibility of more rain than yesterday. The highest probability of rain is at 5.30 pm.

What are the rules?

India vs Pakistan Players [PC: Google Images]
India vs Pakistan Players [PC: Google Images]

The playing conditions of Reserve Day are also like other days. The umpire will try to conduct full 50 overs. If the game is interrupted due to rain, we will try to conduct at least a 20-20 over match. For the result of the match, it is necessary to play 20-20 overs in both the innings. Since India has played 20 overs. Now in such a situation Pakistan will also try to complete 20 overs.

That is, suppose the rain starts in the 40th over of the Indian team’s innings and stops after three-four hours. In such a situation, reduction in overs will start. The umpire will use the Duckworth-Lewis rule and award the target to Pakistan in the stipulated overs. Suppose Pakistan gets a target in 30 overs under DLS.

If Pakistan plays only 15 overs and then rain comes and the match cannot be played. In such a situation the match will be canceled because it is necessary to play 20 overs. At the same time, if Pakistan team plays 21 overs and after that rain interferes and then the match cannot be played then Duckworth Lewis rule will be used and the result of the match will be known.

What will happen if the match is cancelled?

India vs Pakistan Colombo Stadium [PC: Google Images]
India vs Pakistan Colombo Stadium [PC: Google Images]

The team that wins the match in the Super Four round gets two points. At the same time, in case the match is washed out or drawn due to rain, both the teams share one point each. Pakistan team has already won one match in Super Four. He defeated Bangladesh in the first match of Super Four. In such a situation, if Pakistan team wins this match then it will get four points and its place in the final will be almost confirmed. At the same time, if the match is washed out by rain, both the teams will share one point each and Pakistan will have three points. Its claim to qualify for the final will be strengthened.

At the same time, if the Indian team wins this match then it will get two points. Its claim to reach the final will be strengthened. Team India has to play against Sri Lanka on 12 September and Bangladesh on 14 September. Team India will get one point if it gets washed out by rain and in such a situation its path will become difficult. In such a situation, they will have to win both their next matches, because Sri Lanka has already won one match. If the team loses, then the next two matches of Super Four will be do or die for Team India. Pakistan top the Super Four points table with two points from one match and a +1.051 net run rate. Sri Lanka are at the second position with two points and +0.420 net run rate in one match. India is at third position and Bangladesh is at fourth position after losing both its matches.

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