Pakistan’s victory increased the tension of Team India, now the final equation will be like this

Asia Cup 2023: Super 4 matches have started in Asia Cup 2023. Pakistan has also made a great start in Super-4 by defeating Bangladesh. Four teams have reached the Super 4, where they are facing each other. That is, all the teams have to play 3-3 matches. The top two teams will directly qualify for the finals. Pakistan has taken one step towards the final by defeating Bangladesh. Due to this, difficulties have definitely arisen for Team India. Let’s try to know how Team India can decide its path to the final.

Team India’s schedule in Super 4 of Asia Cup

Team India's schedule in Super 4 of Asia Cup [PC: Google Images]
Team India’s schedule in Super 4 of Asia Cup [PC: Google Images]

India will play its first match of Super 4 against Pakistan. Both the teams will be face to face in Colombo on 10 September. After this, Team India will face Sri Lanka on 12th September. After this, on September 15, the Indian team will face Bangladesh for the last time. Now from here Team India would not like to lose a single match. Because matches have become so important that losing even one match means that your chances of going to the finals will reduce. In such a situation, while on one hand the Pakistani team has taken steps towards the final, on the other hand Bangladesh is two steps behind from entering the final after losing its first match.

Team India will have to win all three matches

Virat Kohli in Asia Cup 2023 [PC: Google Images]
Virat Kohli in Asia Cup 2023 [PC: Google Images]

To reach the final, India will have to win the match against Pakistan at any cost. With this, the two points of India and Pakistan will become equal. On one hand, Pakistan has also improved its net run rate by defeating Bangladesh by 7 wickets. Team India can get four points by defeating Sri Lanka. Along with this, if India defeats Bangladesh then Bangladesh team will be left two points behind.

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