Who will benefit if the match is cancelled? India or Pakistan, know the equation

Asia Cup 2023: There is going to be a contest between India and Pakistan once again in Par-4. This match is to be played in Colombo on 10th. All the fans are waiting for this match. Because the last match of both the countries got rained. But in the meantime, such news is coming out, after knowing which the fans will be more disappointed. The Meteorological Department has given an update on the 10th. Actually, there is a 90 percent chance of rain that day. This means that we might not even get to see the toss.

This team can be harmed

IND vs PAK Weather [PC: Google Images]
IND vs PAK Weather [PC: Google Images]

Now the question arises in such a situation that if the match is cancelled, then which team will benefit more from it. So see, no team will be benefited. Yes, it is true that India may suffer the most from this. At the same time, there will be loss to Pakistan, but the loss will be less than that of India. Therefore, India would not want rain to become the hero once again.

What can be the planning of the teams

Now if we talk about the planning of the captains of the teams, then after winning the toss the captain of the team will choose to bat first. Because later no one knows what the target will be regarding DLS. That’s why no captain would want to take the risk. Pakistan’s team has already won a match in Super-4. At the same time, India has not yet opened its account. That’s why 2 points are very important for Team India. If it rains, Pakistan will go ahead with 3 points, while India will be left with only 1 point.

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