DMCA would like to clarify that the images which we use on the website can be found on the internet, and are considered to be open source for use for representational purpose. The content and images on the Internet are subsequently in the public domain and thus inspire those who are willing to do so. Further, being responsible for our action The Free Hit never knowingly infringes or seeks to violate the rights of any individual or firm except as expressly stated. If you are the sole rights holder of any image or material appearing on our website, please justify your point of notifying the company.

We strictly avoid any kind of copyright or proprietary right infringement, if any person or firm has any complaint of using their owned or copyrighted material by The Free Hit which is unauthorized to do so and/or arrives without proper credit. For withdrawal of image/content or other submit a written complaint/notice/request (please specify) to us at [email protected]

The complaint/notice/request forwarded should include the following:

  • A document stating that the complainant is the sole rights holder of the name and image, content or other relevant party along with other valid details of the complainant.
  • The exact location on the website where the aggrieved party first viewed the content, along with visual evidence or a URL link to the page.
  • A specific description of the associated image, material, or other.
  • A declaration addressed to The Free Hit as the rightful owner of the work improperly used by the Company; (This will be used if the complaint is fraudulent/misleading/defamatory of the company.)
  • If you are the second party writing to us on behalf of the original copy rights holder, be sure to attach the authorization letter and a declaration signed physically or electronically by the first party or the original copy rights holder.
  • If any of the above details are not filled completely or improperly and sent to The Free Hit, in small cases the request may not be considered and in some cases may ultimately be rejected by the company for the person or company. A case can be filed against anyone who is trying to falsely implicate The Free Hit in a baseless case.

It should also be remembered that once a completely valid and verified complaint/notice/request is received by us it must be communicated to the aggrieved party in writing (on the email ID used to send the complaint/notice/request). will be accepted and sent back. The requested period during which the issue concerned will be appropriately addressed.

Considering all these facts and clauses as an important part of the company’s founding policy, The Free Hit will never knowingly assume any rights over anything that is owned by any party other than The Free Hit or its affiliates.