AFG jumped in the points table by winning from England, know what number India-Pakistan

World Cup 2023: The 13th match of the World Cup 2023 was played between Afghanistan and England. Before the start of the match, England was the favorite to win, but by the end of the match everything changed and Afghanistan registered a historic victory. In this match, Afghanistan created a big upset by defeating England by 69 runs. Got rewarded for this and his position in the points table has become better than before. Let us tell you what changes happened in the points table.

By defeating England at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi, Afghanistan has created an upset and has also opened its account of victory in this event. Afghanistan scored 2 points, due to which it has now separated its name from those teams which have not even opened a winning account in this tournament till now. With this, Afghanistan has reached number 6 in the points table. The team has played 3 matches so far, out of which it has won 1 and lost 2. Team India is at number 1, New Zealand is at second, South Africa is at third and Pakistan is at fourth.

The Australian team 5 times has not been able to open a winning account so far in the World Cup 2023. Yes, the team has played 2 matches so far and has faced defeat in both. The result of this is that this team, which is often in the top-4, is at the last i.e. 10th position in the points table. Apart from this, the teams of Sri Lanka and Netherlands have also not been able to open the winning account yet.

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