World Cup 2023 stumps are so expensive, many bungalows will be available for the price of one

There is a lot of buzz about World Cup 2023 in the corridors of cricket. Even before the event starts, everyone is talking about the tournament. BCCI is leaving no stone unturned to successfully organize the tournament in India and is spending money like water. Meanwhile, the price of LED lights used in mega events has come into discussion. Believe me, after knowing its price, you are going to get a shock of 440 volts…

The stumps used on the field have now been made quite modern. Through the mic fitted in it, you can hear the conversations between the cricketers and especially the wicketkeeper. Their lights make the stumps even more attractive. The stumps used in the World Cup 2023 will have mics and LED lights. The price of this completely modern stump is more than you can even imagine. It would not be wrong to say that the value of this stump is more than the fees received by the players. Let us tell you, a player gets Rs 6 lakh as fee in a match, but these LED stumps will be worth more than Rs 13 lakh.

There are many things in a set of stumps and a set of LED stump mic, which also includes camera and jingle bells, costs 50 thousand dollars i.e. about 41 lakh rupees. However, its price also depends on the brand. Nowadays the commonly used stumps include a set of LED stumps, camera and jing bells. However, some companies charge up to 20 thousand dollars i.e. 16 lakh rupees for a set of LED stumps. The thing is the same, the amount of money you invest, the impact on clarity is visible. From this price, you can guess that the price of shining stump mic at both the ends of the 22 yard strip is in crores. Although we do not officially confirm these prices, they are as per the information found online.

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